Navigating the New Path to Purchase

Navigating the New Path to Purchase

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Today, the consumer path to purchase is as complex as ever. Shifting consumer attitudes and multiple connected devices create a chaotic reality. The explosion of digital channels, the always-on media ecosystem and the emergence of increasingly discerning consumers challenge even the savviest of digital marketers.

The singular, orderly sequence of purchase stages has been scrambled, and marketers need to conform. Consumers are distracted, but smarter. Marketers can be smarter too. We need to take a hard look into this data trail that consumers leave behind - as consumers use more digital platforms and channels for research and buying, there is a need to invest, strategically and financially, in tools and platforms that measure beyond traditional web analytics. Millward Brown Digital believes the solution lies in accepting, then successfully navigating, this new non-linear path.

This ebook gives marketers context and insight into the evolving path to purchase across several verticals as well as advice on building a strategy to better shape their marketing efforts. Our goal is to enable marketers to make strategic shifts, to quantify and qualify consumer behavior, and to take action. The right tools lead to actionable insights and informed digital marketing decisions that drive brand, market share and ROI.

For industry-specific insights, you can download individual chapters of the ebook below!